The Art Philippines is an online art gallery website that exhibit and sell original artworks made by Filipino Artists, not only professional Artists but hobbyist and talented Filipino Artists. We don’t focus only on paintings, we focus on what Filipino Artist can do in the field of Art such as  Sculpture, Handicraft and drawings. Artists are free to register which they can post their masterpieces, set their prices and ready to sell to art lovers and collectors.


To help Filipino Artists to showcase and sell their Artworks around the world through online.


Its vision is to spread original Filipino artworks around the world and to encourage our Professional and Rising Filipino Artists to make more beautiful masterpieces.


The Art Philippines.com is under LRPA Marketing and it is founded, created and owned by Lorena Rozelle Panganiban Ang. She is a part-time artist and struggle to the world of art. As soon as she discovered how to make a simple portfolio website, she began to think and make a website for the Filipino artists that doesn’t have a courage and cannot afford to showcase their artworks to the world.

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Lorena Rozelle Panganiban Ang

Founder, Creator, Owner & Artist of The Art Philippines.com