What kind of art can I sell?
How do you curate the artwork?
Frame or not to frame the artwork?
Are there any limitations regarding the dimension or weight of the artwork?
Am I safe to put my artworks here? What if some steal it?
I saw my Artwork on your website from different artist but I think the artist copied my work.


How to price my artwork?
How much is your commission?


How does the review process work?
What details do I need to fill out my artwork?
What if I found a potential buyer for my artwork that is not from The Art Philippines?


How do I get paid?
When will I get pay after each sale?


How will I ship my art if it sell?
What does shipping cost me?
Why does it takes so long to pick-up my artwork?
What do I do if I go out of town?


How to Join the Online Art Gallery

How to join your online art gallery?
I have so many artworks and it does not fit in the email, do you have cloud storage that I can share my artworks?
I am not a computer techie and I don't have an email address, what can I do?

What kind of art do you sell?
Does the image of the artwork is accurately represent what I will be sent?
I love the artwork of the Artist but the price is high, can we negotiate the price?
What if I want my artwork to be framed?


How we can pay for the purchase artwork?


What does shipping cost me?
How long does it take to receive my artwork?
How can I track my order?
How much is the delivery fee?


I want to cancel my order, what will I do?


What is your return policy?
What if the artwork arrives damaged?