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Artwork Dimension: 8″ W x 12″ H

Ballpoint pen and Ink on Paper

July 14, 2010


Artist: Anthony Castillo
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Anthony de los Reyes Castillo is a self-taught artist, has been joining group exhibitions in Iloilo since 1992. He has created abstract expressionist works in oil before, but human figurations, especially drawings using ballpoint-pen and ink or pencil has been his favorite mode of self-expression. Castillo has been drawing since his elementary school years after learning some basic drawing techniques in a workshop. It is no wonder then that in his first solo exhibit, and succeding exhibits, he chose to present his works through drawings, not only does he display his metier in the medium but also his mettle as an artist who creates pictures from the limitless reservoir of the subconcoius.


Drawing is often viewed as secondary to painting but drawing is not a minor visual art form. Drawing is by nature is an exploratory art form. It demands keenness of observation, requirers problem solving and innovative visual composition. It is henceforth fair to think that his works prove his draftsmanship.


Castillo draws human figures because he admittedly, wants to understand human nature especially his own. His works, like all surreal work of arts, are interesting study materials for psychology students and psychiatrists. Castillo’s drawings concretized, among others, mental or psychological stress or pressure, the hollow emptiness of the mind and spirit, the terror of living and wrestling with one’s demons. Castillo’s works do not apologize but they are not intended to shock either. The viewer is free to make his or her own conclusions about them or about the artist because Castillo’ drawings are about self-expression. He is not concerned with symphaty or emphaty. One can see methaporically in Castillo’s works a human being who has through a form of hell and has come out to tell it all, no holds barred.


Castillo was a psychology student from the University of San Agustin in Iloilo, he was literary editor and lay-out artist of the University Publication. An alumnus of University of the Philippines High School in Iloilo, a member of the UP TEATRO AMAKAN, the only UPG (University Performing Group) outside UP DILIMAN, and was the lead dancer of TEATRO AMAKAN’s APIK which was satgw at the ORFF 100 CONFERENCE on MUSIC and DANCE in Melbourne, Australia in 1995.



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