Morning Blessings

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Artwork Dimension: 48″ W x 30″ H

Oil on Canvas

October 2015

Artist: Nell Campos
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             “The Cubism of Lines in Translucent Colors”

Nell Campos has been a full time artist since he decided to pursue his passion to art and leaved his career as a Civil Engineer in the year 2000.

As early as 1973, his passion for ART can already be discerned when He became a Grade III Silver Medalist elementary student in an Inter-Grade school Art competition. Later on, he became a small artist of his school doing all the drawings needed for presentation in subjects of several teachers to their students.  From drawings of:  Folktale characters, Christmas decorations to details and parts of respiratory, digestive and skeletal systems in Biology subjects. With no idea… he will end up an artist later on his life.

He dreamt of entering art school when he graduated in high school, but since his father was a Chemical Engineer, He was persuaded to enroll in a technical course.

Instead, he took up Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, and graduated from University of Perpetual Help System Dalta in Las Piñas in 1989

In 1985, he met an expressionist artist William Yu, who influenced him to study art and became his mentor and his best friend, and a Godfather to his mentor’s youngest son …Billy.

Later on, he met an impressionist artist Roger Gutierrez, Dante Hipolito a realist and Isabelo Quilez, a figurative artist.  Since then, his determination to become an artist was triggered because of his eagerness to learn more from three different artists with different forte exploring the world of art.

He started painting while he was studying in his course in Civil Engineering. After a year, he became a member of Spectrum Group headed by Ibarra Dela Rosa in Philippine Women’s University of fine Arts.

Since then he participated in several art competitions such as Asean Art Competition; A finalist at Espanidad Annual Art Competition at the Spanish Embassy; A finalist at Bamboo Organ on the spot painting competition, The first Filipino artist art festival, Metro Bank Art Competition and Shell Annual Art Competition. He also joined several art exhibits of Spectrum Group Aliktiktik Group and Las Piñas Artist Society in his early age of exploring ART.

When he graduated college in 1989, he wanted to practiced his course in Civil Engineering abroad, He was able to worked as a Site Engineer in Alzaibag Engineers Contractors in Riyadh, K.S.A. from 1990 to 1992. When contract in Saudi Arabia was completed. He put up King Charles Konstrukt with his older brother Melchor and did construction works in Manila and Cavite.

Part time, He did paintings for Heritage Art Center,  Alegria Home Decors, Galleria Aurora and Jo-Liza Arts and Antiques for his family’s provisions and to continue the development of his knowledge in ART.

He worked abroad again in 1996 in Hyundai Engineering and Construction and assigned as a Site Engineer in a large project in Singapore, a 25- Ten storey Buildings/ Signature Park Condominium project.

When the project was completed, he joined a Singaporean Company, G6 – Contruction as a Site Engineer and completed a Seven – Storey office building/ Evangelical Ministry Building Project, and later was transferred to Changi Airport-Pier Extension Project/ Takenaka Construction as Main contractor a Japanese firm.

After 10 years of local construction and abroad…”because of his passion in ART”, his heart and mind is set to  pushed through with his plan to set aside his career as a Civil Engineer and do what he loves most, to work fulltime and developed his knowledge in ART.

In the year 2000, he started his quest for his ART:

His paintings was first carried by Heritage Art gallery, one of the pioneering gallery in the Philippines, later on by Art-Circle Gallery. He joined the Guevarra Group of Artist in 2005 and participated in several art Exhibits and Art Auctions in Singapore and Hong Kong sponsored by Gallerie Joaquin.

He was one of the founder and board member of Arte Caviteño Foundation chaired by Mayor Strike Revilla of Bacoor City, Cavite.

His works were published on Art books namely:



Both authored by: Jane Tangle


Authored by: Manuel Duldulao

His painting were collected by World Bank, ABS-CBN , GMA7, House of Sarah Lee, Mr. Pat Robertson of 700 Club and several respected doctors from St. Lukes, Makati Medical Center, UST Hospital, Lawyers and well known art collectors and companies.

In the years past of his quest: He was able to ‘CREATE” an art of his own with respect to:


He creates suave scintillating colors in translucent cubism to form the clarity of colors which bounces off the cubist composition that glows on their own, and the figurative forms and shapes that are made into layers of lines in harmonious groupings.

The movement of his painting is achieved through the use of continuous highlighted and shadow lines   with overlapping ripples of colors. He uses a very light palette, like a residue of colors of Folk-art, yet              retaining much of his bouquet.

The continuous lines of colors in his paintings and the perfect anatomy of figures in his ART that was drawn only by his “imagination” create the originality of his art that “separates” his works from otherartists.

His subjects such as the “FAMILY SERIES” that creates a productive, loving composition and inspiration that project artworks which will encourage the viewer to imagine that his owned family lives in the paintings.

A unique “Family portrait without a FACE”, that leaves something for your IMAGINATION.

His HARVEST SERIES, such as fishes and fruits harvest that represents an abundant future of prosperity that serve as an  inspirations and blessings for the family.

And his series of SAYAW:

Symbolize the preservation of Filipino Folk Dance.  The movement of the dance was created by the transparent lines and translucent colors that overlapped the composition  of figures in the dance.

He recently held his One-man Art Exhibition titled “Grace to Bountiful Harvest” in the east-wing of Robinsons Galleria Ortigas, Pasig last June 20 to 29.

Now at the age of 52,  He has mastered his Art:


And will continuously explore and develop his ART…

The cubism of lines in translucent colors in his latest medium in




Nell Campos